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You are locked inside the control room of a Factory. You must find the source of the problem so that you can save it from blowing up. Solve the puzzles to escape and stop the factory from exploding.

Immerse yourself into this new AR Egyptian escape room adventure. Dive into the secret of ancient Egypt and discover the story behind Anubis' ring. 


You and your team are willing to sneak into the restricted area of the most famous Chocolate Factory, make the strange machinery work and possess the precious chocolate recipe.

In "Save The Cup: Episode 1," players embark on a thrilling sports-themed adventure to recover the stolen World Cup from an eccentric collector. As the protagonist, players track down the collector to an alley, blocked by an elevator door behind which the adventure starts. 

Can you rise to the challenge, outwit the eccentric collector, and save the World Cup before the final match? The journey to save the cup begins in this exciting first episode, where sports knowledge and quick thinking are key to victory.