ARVision Games and Mad More US team up to create an AR Escape Room

The first Escape Room co-produced in the context of a new partnership.

ARVision Games, Inc., a technology company based in Montreal, Canada, and Mad More US, Ltd. based in Bilbao Vizcaya, Spain, are partnering to jointly develop an escape room game based on ARVision Games’ multiplayer AR gaming platform: ARiddle.

Mad Mansion team is a world acclaimed designer of real escape room games. Their extensive experience and know-how combined with ARVision Games’ augmented reality multiplayer gaming platform and technology will allow our partnership to create a highly exceptional gameplay experience for all escape games fans.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with ARVision Games. We really fell in love with the concept, the richness and the realism of the experience for players.” says Diego García, GM at Mad More US. “We’re looking forward to working with the team at ARVision Games, and we’re very confident that the escape game we will reveal soon is going to enchant our mutual players.”

“We are thrilled to work with Mad More US to bring to our players outstanding gaming entertainment combining Mad Mansion team’s original escape room design with our advanced AR multiplayer gaming platform.” says Maher Khatib, President of ARVision Games Inc. “We are convinced that teaming up with the preeminent Mad Mansion team, will result in producing an exceptional escape game that will offer to our players the most exciting experience.”

The escape room is scheduled for preview in early summer 2021 with a GTM launch before fall on the ARiddle mobile application for IOS and Android.

About ARVision Games

A Montreal-based company, ARVision Games is founded with the spirit of innovating in AR multi-player gaming fusing AI, AR and gaming technology to offer a unique user experience to our players. The vision of the company is to develop an AR multiplayer gaming platform, ARiddle, to facilitate the development and the distribution of the AR content by publishing the titles on the ARiddle mobile applications for IOS and Android. While focusing on building an AR multiplayer gaming platform, the studio is also producing and co-producing titles for people who love escape rooms, blending a great screen-play and challenging puzzles in AR experience. ARVision Games projects the escape room reality wherever the player is through their mobile devices.

ARVision Games is committed to empower AR content creators to scale their productions, enable full AR immersion of the gameplay, and streamline the development, thanks to the ARiddle multiplayer platform and its mobile application.

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About Mad More US

Mad More Us is a joint venture between Mad Mansion, the internationally awarded designer of escape room games and Grupo Hal, experts in gamification and serious games. Together, they both focus on design and construction of escape room games. They have won several awards, both nationally and internationally, including the best brand Terpeca Award both in 2020 and 2021.

Being very centric on innovation, the joint-venture is in a perpetual recreation and modernization of their escape rooms designs, continuously introducing new challenges and plot twists for the players, and trying to push the boundaries of their escape room games experience.

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