ARVision Games and 1 Maillot Pour La Vie to Showcase New Series 'Save The Cup' at Vivatech Conference 2023 in Paris

Montreal, May 24, 2023 - ARVision Games, a leading provider of augmented reality collaboration and gaming solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Vivatech Conference in Paris from June 14 to 17, 2023. 

The company has been granted a prestigious invitation to showcase its latest creation at this global event, which attracts technology enthusiasts, industry professionals, and innovators from around the world.

During the conference, ARVision Games will unveil the groundbreaking series, 'Save The Cup,' developed in partnership with 1 Maillot Pour La Vie, a renowned charitable organization dedicated to supporting children facing adversity. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in their joint efforts to create augmented reality multiplayer escape rooms for children, backed by the association.

1 Maillot Pour La Vie is a renowned charitable organization dedicated to supporting children facing adversity, and this collaboration aims to provide a unique and engaging experience for these children through the innovative use of augmented reality technology. The 'Save The Cup' series offers an immersive experience, combining captivating storytelling, challenging puzzles, and collaborative gameplay, designed to leave a lasting impact on children of all ages. Leveraging the innovative potential of augmented reality technology, ARVision Games and 1 Maillot Pour La Vie aim to provide a unique and engaging experience that brings joy and inspiration to these children.

We extend a warm invitation to all attendees to visit our booth and delve into the exciting world of augmented reality gaming. At our exhibition, our team will showcase the ARiddle MultiPlayer Platform and AR Escape Games Mobile Application, specifically designed to foster interactive and collaborative gaming experiences. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the exhilarating experience of augmented reality as they embark on thrilling escape room adventures that can be enjoyed with friends and family. With its user-friendly controls and immersive graphics, the ARiddle app offers limitless possibilities, challenging players' problem-solving skills and intellectual prowess.

Whether you are an industry professional, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of gaming and the transformative potential of augmented reality in collaborative solutions, we invite you to join us at Vivatech Conference 2023. Explore how ARVision Games is revolutionizing the way we play, learn, and interact through our cutting-edge AR platform and gaming solutions.

For more information about ARVision Games and our products, please visit For more information about the association 1 Maillot Pour La Vie, and its mission, please visit

About ARVision Games

[ARVision Games is a leading startup in augmented reality collaborative and gaming solutions, revolutionizing the way people play, learn, and interact. With a focus on immersive storytelling and collaborative gameplay, ARVision Games creates innovative experiences that blend the virtual and physical worlds. Through partnerships with organizations like 1 Maillot Pour La Vie, ARVision Games is dedicated to making a positive impact by leveraging technology to support charitable causes and provide unique experiences for children facing adversity.