Nos jeux

You are locked inside the control room of a Factory. You must find the source of the problem so that you can save it from blowing up. Solve the puzzles to escape and stop the factory from exploding.

Imergez-vouz dans cette nouvelle aventure de cette salle d'évasion égyptienne en RA. Plongez dans le secret de l'Égypte ancienne et découvrez l'histoire derrière l'anneau d'Anubis.


You and your team are willing to sneak into the restricted area of the most famous Chocolate Factory, make the strange machinery work and possess the precious chocolate recipe.

An eccentric collector has just stolen the World Cup, thanks to some images taken at the time of the robbery and the invaluable collaboration of the participants in the event he was seen getting into an alley.

A single door blocks our way to where it is supposed to be hidden. Will we be able to open it to hunt it down?